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CCTV Cameras
& Maintenance

Protect your assets with our professional business CCTV systems, which use state-of-the-art technology including Infrared capability and High Definition Cameras to monitor your property, people and operations 24-hours a day.

We specialise in creating bespoke solutions to suit your needs – whether you only need perimeter CCTV cameras, or a more integrated solution that positions cameras in strategic positions in and around your premises, we're able to specify and install a system that covers every angle required.

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Security Alarm System Installation

Theft are primary threats to business/home safety and security. Both threats can cause major cost and disruption to your business activities, and destroy or expose highly-valuable assets, including your confidential Intellectual Property. Early detection is key in protecting your premises, and having a professionally-installed, customised and high-quality Alarm System is the starting point.

Your alarm system provides the first vital layer of protection against the threat of intruders or vandals, who may set out to steal your assets or break into to your property.

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Computer Repairing

We are specialize in fixing all kind of Desktops and Laptops. When we repairing your desktop or laptop, we will always let you know what has happened and how to prevent it from happening again.

And we are provide solutions to rid systems of viruses and malwares to get your system back to normal. Our expertise know how to elimanate all system threats. Let us to help you.

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Vehical Tracking System

With its simplest definition, a vehicle tracking system is the system that allows tracking and controlling of vehicles via an online computer, smart phone or tablet, etc. on a 24/7 basis thanks to GPS satellites.

Vehicle tracking systems make it possible to have an instantaneous and history tracking of vehicle speeds, the routes they followed, stopping points, idling times on maps providing a registry and check point with past and present reports.

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Home Intercom System

Wired and wireless home intercom systems have been a staple in home security and communication from whole home intercom systems to increasingly popular wireless video intercom systems.

PerfectionIT provides intercom systems and products for any sized home or installation, including popular brands such as Hikvision, Ring, and more.

Whether you want to broadcast messages or audio throughout your home, or you need to answer a call from your video doorbell, PerfectionIT carries the top wired and wireless smart home intercom products you need to turn that idea into reality.

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Web & Software Development

The template of your website, fonts, graphic or even theme colours are all important elements in your website. It decides on how viewers feel about the website and will they come back to visit again.

To help building a successful website, we create a cost- effective, SEO friendly and responsive website for your business.

We support a wide range of website style from Offcial Corporate Website, CMS website, eCommerce, Blog, WordPress site and System Development.